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register nowTherapeutic Qi Gong has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. These low impact exercises increase vitality, longevity, memory, balance, and strength. It is slow meditative movements, Tai Chi like, with visualization and sound. Qi Gong bolsters the immune system creating a healthy body, mind, and spirit. For more information visit


Age 18+
Location Recreation Park, Stella Room
Instructor Natalia Roberti
Fee $40 Resident | $45 Non-Resident
*$30 Resident | $35 Non-Resident **$110 Resident | $115 Non-Resident
Notes Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat if you need to begin the class on the floor.


Activity # Session Days Time
FREE 1/11 Thursday 11am-12pm
1515 W1 *1/18-2/1 Thursday 11am-12pm
1515 W2 2/8-3/1 Thursday 11am-12pm
1515 W3 3/8-3/29 Thursday 11am-12pm
1515 W4 4/5-4/26 Thursday 11am-12pm
1515 W5 **1/18-4/26 Thursday 11am-12pm




Singing 101: How to sing better, for fun and health. Includes optional performance as a group. How to sing stronger, richer, and smoother with excellent technique (no experience required).


Age 18+
Location Canyon View Community Center, Board Room
Instructor Clifford Johnson
Fee $30 Resident    |   $35 Non-Resident


Activity # Session Days Time
1216 W1 2/5, 2/8 Monday | Thursday 6:30-8:30pm




Do you knit well with others? Do you have any UFOs lurking in your closets? The Auburn Knotty Knitters and Crocheters invite you to join us to work on your individual projects together. We welcome all levels of skill to share the love of knitting and crocheting through relaxed and joyful get together.


Age 18+
Location Canyon View Community Center,
Canyon View Room
Instructor Rosemary, Teri and Linda
Fee $20 Resident | $23 Non-Resident


Activity # Session Days Time
7245 W1 1/11-3/1 Thursday 6-8:30pm
7245 W2 3/8-4/26 Thursday 6-8:30pm




Join this Mature Riders program and get back in the saddle! This class is for adults who have little experience or have ridden before and would like to re-experience the thrill.


Age 18+
Location Healing Pastures at “C” Horse Ranch,
11685 Lorenson Road, Auburn
Instructor Honey Cowan
Fee 3 Classes:
$150 Resident | $155 Non-Resident
Note Helmets and boots are required and provided.


Activity # Session Days Time
7134 W1 1/17-1/31 Wednesday 11:45a-1:15pm
7134 W2 2/14-2/28 Wednesday 11:45a-1:15pm
7134 W3 3/14-3/28 Wednesday 11:45a-1:15pm
7134 W4 4/11-4/25 Wednesday 11:45a-1:15pm




Even if you have never played any instrument before, you’ll soon be creating lively, fun music. Learn to play chords, strumming techniques, and music timing. Learn to play a few songs and how to learn more. Introduction to literature, ukulele history, and ukulele types will be included. You’ll learn how to tune a uke. “Music self-played is happiness self-made”.


Age 18+
Location Canyon View Community Center, Sunset Room
Instructor Clifford Johnson
Fee $30 Resident | $35 Non-Resident
Note Bring a ukulele, a few loaners are available.


Activity # Session Days Time
5202 W1 2/24 Saturday 9:30-12pm
5202 W2 3/24 Saturday 9:30-12pm




You have not had this kind of fun since you were a kid! We all know adventure and exploration are not just for teenagers, and here is an activity to rekindle your youthful enthusiasm! Kayaking is great for fitness or escaping the hustle and bustle and it’s easy on the joints and body. We use very stable, user friendly kayaks making it easy for anyone to participate. Join us for your first time or your best time in a small group, stress-free paddle. Discover why kayaking is the choice for baby boomers and beyond!


Age 50+
Location Lake Natoma, Sacramento/Folsom
Instructor Current Adventure Staff
Fee $69 Resident | $74 Non-Resident
Note Beginners Welcome. All equipment provided.


Activity # Session Days Time
7083 W1 3/31 Saturday 11am-2pm
7083 W2 4/7 Saturday 1-4pm
7083 W3 4/13 Friday 11am-2pm
7083 W4 4/21 Saturday 11am-2pm




Learn to play this musical instrument for fun and health. Music relieves stress, creates joy, and playing harmonica improves lung function. You’ll learn an easy way to play songs. A “C” harmonica is required. Song sheets provided; no prior music experience needed.


Age 15+
Location Canyon View Community Center, Sunset Room
Instructor Clifford Johnson
Fee $25 Resident | $30 Non-Resident
Note Some harmonicas will be available in class for purchase for $12.


Activity # Session Days Time
5201 W1 2/24 Saturday 1-2:30pm
5201 W2 3/24 Saturday 1-2:30pm





Are you preparing to enter the world of Medicare or just planning ahead for retirement? This class will dispel the mystery and confusion by providing information on what is and what is not covered by Medicare Parts A, B, C and D. You will also learn about the role of Supplemental Insurance Plans A-K, also known as “Medigap”, Medicare Advantage plans, and about proposed Medicare changes for this year and beyond.


Age 18+
Location Canyon View Community Center, Sunset Room
Instructor Charlene Miskimen
Fee $10 Resident | $13 Non-Resident
Instructor donates all fees to ARD.


Activity # Session Days Time
7155 W1 1/23 Tuesday 10am-Noon
7155 W2 2/20 Tuesday 10am-Noon
7155 W3 3/20 Tuesday 10am-Noon
7155 W4 4/17 Tuesday 10am-Noon



Senior Bridge

Join us Thursday and Friday afternoons for Senior Bridge Club meetings at Canyon View Community Center. “Duplicate Bridge” is played Thursdays and “Party Bridge” is played Fridays. This is a great opportunity to socialize and meet fellow players in a beautiful scenic building. Reservations must be made for Duplicate Bridge. Please call Bob Wright 530.878.0248 or John Renning 530.889.2484 for reservations and information. Please call Ann Mitchell 530.888.8362 for more information on Party Bridge.


Age Seniors
Location Canyon View Community Center
Note ARD does not take registration.


Session Days Time
Duplicate Bridge Thursday 12pm
Party Bridge Friday 12pm



Table Tennis

Do you occasionally play table tennis and think it might be fun to have more people to play with? Grab a paddle and join us for a great time. Beginners to advanced players welcome. For more information contact Tom Spesick at 530.610.0101



Age All Ages
Location Canyon View Community Center, Foothills Room
Fee Refer to website
Note ARD does not take registration.


Days Time
Monday | Wednesday 6:30-9:30pm










Learn easy, enjoyable, new routines every meeting while enriching your hidden skills, dance all night at your social events. Step by step introduction in the Hot Salsa, Merengue, and Cha Cha. Fall in love with the beautiful, elegant, and romantic Argentine Tango, from beginning to more elaborate eye-catching steps. No previous experience or partner needed. Everybody rotates and dances with each other. Singles and couples welcome!


Age 18+
Location Canyon View Community Center,
Foothills Room
Instructor Juan Aceituno
Fee $50 Resident | $55 Non-Resident


Activity # Session Days Time
5034 W1 1/11-2/1 Thursday 7:30-9pm
5034 W2 2/8-3/1 Thursday 7:30-9pm
5034 W3 3/8-4/5 (no class 3/29) Thursday 7:30-9pm



Country western/Irish Line dancing

Let’s enjoy this Winter dancing heating up the air in the rooms of ARD! Traditional and new Country Western and great popular and lively music and Irish line dancing. The best exercise, new friends, and great atmosphere. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. SINGLES AND COUPLES WELCOME.


Age 18+
Location Canyon View Community Center,
Foothills Room
Instructor Juan Aceituno
Fee $50 Resident | $55 Non-Resident


Activity # Session Days Time
5080 W1 1/11-2/1 Thursday 6-7:30pm
5080 W2 2/8-3/1 Thursday 6-7:30pm
5080 W3 3/8-4/5 (no class 3/29) Thursday 6-7:30pm






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